Next, we are pleased to offer you a series of highly specialized and professional services, the fruit of our trajectory and experience, and with which we try to help you start up any new project, or to obtain the greatest benefit from your plantation.


Invesments funds

A very healthy option

Investing in agriculture through a specialized investment fund is a practical and profitable decision, and in some cases safer than dedicating yourself fully to this primary activity, especially if this activity is not your main activity.

Investing in agriculture does not necessarily mean buying a farm and growing it. There are mechanisms that may even be more beneficial than working directly in agricultural activity, such as agricultural investment funds, since these have a high rate of return.

It may be the case that as an individual or company you want to invest in agriculture, by acquiring shares in companies in this economic sector, but you do not have the time or the necessary knowledge to spend all day trading with these securities in order to maximize their profitability.

In this case, we suggest that you become a shareholder in a pistachio, walnut or pecan plantation, and we take care of the entire project, looking for all alternatives and solutions, and solving all the needs of the crop so that it becomes profitable quickly and safely through the following services:

  • Business plan
  • Search for the best farms for the implantation of the crop
  • Plantation design
  • Plantation
  • Maintenance
  • Technical assistance

The data on consumption and sales of nuts have been growing in recent years, due to the existing national and international demand. For this reason, any of the three crops that we produce and offer from Noccis, offers you security when making an investment.

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Joint Venture

Together is easier

Sometimes, due to lack of time, knowledge, resources, etc. there are agricultural and rustic farms that become obsolete, and their profitability low and problems increase, causing the owner to doubt the viability of their exploitation.

For this reason, from Noccis we propose to revitalize your exploitation by collaborating jointly between both parties, You put the land and Noccis everything else </ b > .

Noccis is an important nursery for Pistachero, Nogal and Pecanero, but it also has a large team of qualified technicians. For this reason, we propose to establish a plantation of one of the aforementioned crops on your farm, with Noccis in charge of carrying out the exploitation and managing it successfully:

  • Plantation design
  • Land preparation
  • Tree planting
  • Irrigation installation
  • Comprehensive plantation management
  • Collection, etc.

Through a contract agreed by both parties in the medium-long term, you can make your farm profitable in a short space of time, obtain benefits jointly with NOCCIS and in a few years have a exemplary and profitable exploitation.

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Long term rental

Guarantee your comfort

Possibly you have a rustic property that you cannot or want to exploit, and to which you prefer to provide a long-term solution, if so, from Noccis we offer you long-term rental of his farm for the establishment of a plantation of Pistachio, Walnut and Pecanero.

As you may have seen in this same Systems section, we develop investment funds, through which our collaborators invest in plantations of our nut trees, and therefore, in a We constantly need rustic farms for the development of these projects.

Sometimes it happens that the owner of the farm provides his plot with a long-term rental, and in turn, participates as a shareholder in the agricultural investment fund that is develops on your property.