Next, we are pleased to offer you a series of highly specialized and professional services, the fruit of our trajectory and experience, and with which we try to help you start up any new project, or to obtain the greatest benefit from your plantation.



Viability study

From NOCCIS we carry out in a personalized way for each of our clients, the feasibility study of new pistachio, walnut and pecan plantations to make them modern and competitive, analyzing the bioclimatic characteristics </ strong > for each area (hot-cold hours, rainfall, potential evapotranspiration …), climatic conditions for the cultivation of the species with which the planting is to be carried out, edaphic conditions </ strong > in the area (edaphological needs of the plant, possibility for management, etc.), biological conditions of the soil of the plot and conditions of irrigation water (availability of water resources, characteristics of irrigation water …). The generalities of the plantation must be known in the same way, such as the species, variety of the graft and graft holder, planting frame, etc.

After carrying out an intensive study of the plot and knowing the agronomic characteristics of the area, an economic study of the plantation will be carried out where the installation costs of the surface to be planted will be known (work of machinery, labor, raw materials, etc.), as well as the estimated income from production in each period.


Business Plan

Another service that NOCCIS offers is business plans confection, where the prospection of the economic estimate of the plantation will be carried out, evaluating income and expenses (obtaining the plant, preparing the land, installing irrigation, maintenance, harvesting, etc.) by carrying out a financial analysis and an investment valuation, that is, obtaining benefits and return on investment to know the profitability of the plantation.



Aptitude and potential test

In the plots in which it is desired to plant, an evaluation of the suitability of the territory will be carried out where the land of the plots will be evaluated in order to estimate its potential. We will carry out the study of the requirements of the plantation and the attributes of the land units present in the plots, carrying out the analysis of the change of cover and land use (ACCUS).

It is very important to know the existence of limiting factors in the plot, both bioclimatic and agronomic (water availability, ponding, physical-chemical composition, Verticillum infection, frost …), since in this way the potential of the plantation in each terrain and we will be able to anticipate possible problems that may arise and apply quick solutions, thereby reducing risks.


Analisys and Interpretation

From NOCCIS we do the necessary analyzes to carry out the plantation in the best possible conditions, evaluating all the variables and perfectly knowing the conditions and particularities of each plot. For this, different analyzes of the elements that can affect the plantation are carried out, such as water analysis, where the properties of the water to be used for irrigation (salinity, heavy materials, organic and inorganic compounds), will be studied.

In the same way, soil analyzes are made, where the edaphic characteristics where the planting is to be carried out will be revealed. Thus, not only will the texture of the plot be known (permeability, edaphic characteristics, etc.), but it will also be possible to know, for example, the presence of fungi such as Verticillium (knowing the concentration if applicable). If desired, NOCCIS also covers services such as the analysis of plant organs (foliar, petiolar …) for the knowledge of the nutritional status and requirements of nutritive substances, thus making known the possible deficiencies that the plant may have. The information provided by these analyzes identifies nutritional alterations and helps to propose subscriber plans. Phytopathological analyzes are also carried out where the problem is diagnosed, the pathogen is isolated and identified. The identification of phytopathologies helps attack and prevention through appropriate action plans against pests or diseases.

All the analyzes carried out by NOCCIS rely on our experienced interpretation of the results, offering possible solutions and recommendations to our clients.

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Advice and design

All our clients have an advisory service for their plantations, both when starting the plantation and once it has started, where the study of the particularities of each plot will be carried out. NOCCIS will develop a rational design of the plantation, adapted to each plot, where various factors will be taken into consideration, such as the area of ​​the plantation, the variety or varieties suitable for the area, the plantation framework or its orientation, among others. . Various alternatives are offered depending on the need of each client, where the total mechanization of the crop, the establishment of drip irrigation or the possibility of incorporating a fertilizer system through fertigation, among other options is proposed.

All kinds of advice with reference to the plantation, is contemplated by our agronomic expert technicians, such as advice on fertilizers and phytosanitary treatments (periods, quantities, types of treatments …) , methods and periods of collection, measurements and evaluations, etc., offering solutions to possible problems that may arise.


Setting out and marking the plantation

In order to offer our clients the best plant material, NOCCIS supplies a quality plant, with maximum health and the best genetics, from the selection of the best genetic material and thanks to plant propagation methods based on the most advanced techniques.

All plots stakeout services are offered for a correct establishment of the plantation in the fastest and most economical way, from the analysis of the terrain to the placement of the plant with tutors and protectors, passing through the preparation of the land, subsoiling, installation irrigation. or enclosure of the plot if required, all done with our latest generation equipment.

In the same way, we advise on the realization of the most suitable plantation framework for each terrain, thus achieving greater use and management of the plantations.




Grafting is one of the most important activities, since a good technique is essential to achieve the budding. From NOOCIS we commercialize the already grafted plant to offer our clients a greater viability of the plantation. The rootstock we work with at NOCCIS is UCB1, a hybrid between Pistacia atlantica x P. integerrima obtained by the University of California and chosen for its extraordinary vigor and resistance to numerous diseases. In the case of requiring another rootstock, at NOCCIS we work with other varieties upon prior request.

Due to the current high demand for plantations, numerous ungrafted rootstock installations are being carried out. From NOCCIS there is evidence of the need to cover this delicate field work by expert hands, offering and guaranteeing a high percentage of “on” plants.

NOCCIS has a large team of highly qualified professionals, who during the grafting season, which runs from June to September (depending on the status of the rootstock, it takes place before or after) , they travel to the plantation to carry out the work, the owner not having to worry about anything, since NOCCIS provides the buds and other necessary tools. The fact that the grafting is carried out by qualified personnel guarantees and facilitates that the plantation enters production earlier, is homogeneous in growth, thus returning the investments made to the owner earlier.

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Variety renewal

At NOCCIS, we evaluate the characteristics of the different varieties, making an exhaustive selection to offer the best qualities to our customers, so that they present suitable adaptation characteristics for each terrain. These breeding programs help to offer pistachio plant, walnut plant and pecan plant of excellent quality and high productivity.

Therefore, if you are not happy with the varieties you have in your current plantation, NOCCIS offers you the possibility of renewing the varieties, in this way, under the advice from NOCCIS experts, will once again give your farm the desired productive value.

Varietal Identification

The intensive study of the plots is important, since each place has different bioclimatic characteristics and particularities that are important when choosing a plant.

It is necessary to make a good choice of the most appropriate varieties for each area and interest, such as the choice based on production, yield, maturation period, cold tolerance, drought resistance or disease resistance.

At NOCCIS we not only carry out identification of varieties of different plant species using molecular markers, but we also offer a wide range of plant varieties of each species, offering excellent agronomic and commercial characteristics in all of them.


Plant pathology

NOCCIS has the extensive experience of our plant pathology department in the detection and identification of pests and diseases. We offer the study and monitoring of possible problems that may arise in the sanitary state of our plant, such as the attack of pathogenic organisms or diseases.

Among some of the services we offer we find detection services such as the identification of bacterial pathogens, virus detection, detection and study of diseases and pests or the sanitation of plant material .

Technical Assistance

To accompany the advice offered by NOCCIS, we also offer technical assistance for our clients where they will carry out cultural operations and treatments such as preparing the land where you want to establish the plantation, the installation of irrigation, the performance of work maintenance of the plantation (fungal treatments, insecticides, fertilizer …), pruning, advice on possible problems that may arise, personalized nutritional recommendations, weed control, etc.

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Pruning and training

Pruning is carried out by our own expert technicians, following important objectives such as sanitation, tree formation, increased production and productive life, facilitating productive work or allowing aeration and lighting of the trees. fruits.

As a service offered by NOCCIS, our clients can find the realization of pruning, both green and training for their plantations, ensuring a professional, optimal and efficient result without causing damage in the plant and maintaining an optimal sanitary state.

In the green pruning, carried out in spring, we will eliminate the regrowth originating in the lower parts of the trunk and inner shoots, thereby reducing the loss of energy by the plant and increasing the contribution of reserves that will promote the thickening of the shoots that you really want to keep for their good formation.

With reference to the training pruning which we will carry out in the winter months, the desired conformation will be built to each tree so that in the future a good production will be obtained. A structure of 3 to 5 main branches will be obtained. Carrying out a production pruning we increase the productivity of the tree while maintaining its correct growth and health

All these works are carried out by the company’s own personnel, always guaranteeing the highest possible qualification in the world of pistachio, walnut or Pecan.

Artificial pollination

Since the best quality in our products is essential for us, we offer the possibility of carrying out artificial pollination activities not only to ensure the fertilization of all the female trees in the plantation, but also to collect pollen from the best males. (better genotypic and phenotypic characteristics).

Through parental selection and given the importance of choosing good pollinating specimens, it is possible to improve the quality of the products and increase their production since a greater number of fruits would be obtained and their quality would be unbeatable.



We have at our disposal a complete processing plant, which covers operations from the reception of the harvested product to obtaining the dried, peeled and roasted pistachio.

Pistachio reception will be carried out, its skinning, releasing the exodermis and the separation of the leaf by venting, followed by the separation of full and empty fruits, and the separation of the open and closed. It will then be classified and calibrated using conical rollers, the product is dried and weighed, the fruit in poor condition is removed by means of an optical system, and finally it is toasted. At the end of the process, we take care of the packaging and transport of the final product.

We have the ability to adapt to each client’s need.

Product purchase

Once the pistachios and walnuts have been harvested and processed, NOCCIS offers the possibility of purchasing these fruits, assuring the owner of safe and adequate prices based on the market price. In this way we ensure the tranquility of our clients, offering an integrated and sustainable management system.

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Integral management

NOCCIS carries out the integrated management of its exploitation, making a deep study and extensive dedication to each plantation, where it is carried out from the advice at the time of planting (carrying out the comprehensive study of the plots and their conditions, analysis of conditioning factors, study of the most appropriate varieties for each owner, etc.), monitoring the plantation, maintenance (possible treatments required, cultural care …) and management of the plantations and their production.

In addition to taking into consideration the care of the plantation, from NOCCIS, we offer solutions to our partners throughout the production process, offering after the harvest a special dedication to the processing of pistachios, their marketing and advice from their partners once the harvest is done. to obtain a greater profit and reducing intermediaries as much as possible to increase the profitability of the product.

The commercialization of the products of our partners is carried out through all possible channels, both national and international, depending on the needs and quantities produced, seeking the highest profitability at all times. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling or sending us an email with your telephone number and query subject and we will contact you as soon as possible.

This point maybe until we are clear about how the sales process is going to be on our part, we cannot define exactly what the complete process is like. However, it is very complete.

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