Tread tape

The tread tape is a complementary element to the use of the tutor since it holds it to the plant, offering firmness without causing any damage to the plant by burning, rubbing or friction.

It is elastic and flexible, easy to use and handle, and very specific for staking trees such as pistachio, olive, etc., and is currently the most widely used tape in the world for staging trees. Available in two widths.

Grafting tape

When carrying out the graft, it is necessary to use specific tapes that hold the graft without causing any damage to the plant and favor the graft grip.

The tapes have a waterproof, elastic and self-adhesive nature, allowing gas exchange and moisture conservation, while providing a good grip on the graft quickly and economically.

Formation rope

The formation rope is an element commonly used to carry out a good and correct formation of the plant, where the plant will be guided for its correct growth, consequently the desired straightness and shape.

Synthetic rope of 500 meters in length each roll, which presents great resistance for tying branches in order to achieve a correct formation of the trees.

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Graft gums

Made of plastic and biodegradable material, graft gums are specially designed for performing different types of grafting, offering good resistance against weather conditions.

They are available in different sizes in one kilogram bags:


  • 100 x 3,5 mm
  • 120 x 3,5 mm
  • 140 x 3,5 mm
  • 140 x 6,0 mm
  • 160 x 3,5 mm
  • 160 x 6,0 mm
  • 180 x 6,0 mm
  • 200 x 6,0 mm
  • 200 x 8,0 mm
  • 220 x 8,0 mm
  • 220 x 6,0 mm
  • 240 x 6,0 mm
  • 240 x 8,0 mm
  • 300 x 15,0 mm


In the event that the use of protectors is required due to the presence of rodents, rabbits, etc., on the market there are different materials and different heights depending on the needs of each client, offering from plastic protectors (open or closed) to metal protectors.

From NOCCIS we offer economic and self-developed protectors, which present the ideal conditions for the healthy development of the plant, providing it with excellent protection.


The tutors are a fundamental element for the good growth of the plant, offering it uprightness and support. There are different types of stakes depending on the size of the plant and the species, ranging from small cane stakes for very young plants to the larger wooden stakes most used in adult plants.

From NOCCIS we offer you a specific design tutor made of plastic material that presents great elasticity, permeability and resistance, providing greater durability.

In addition to these advantages, it is easily transportable, has zero maintenance and an excellent quality / price ratio. Point out that they are ecological tutors since they are made with recycled material and allow various uses and recycling once their useful life has ended.

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