In our nursery, registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, you will find the plants with the best price-quality ratio on the market, and with:
  • Health guarantee
  • Variety guarantee
  • Field survival guarantee



The establishment of a plantation of any of our alternatives: pistachio, walnut or pecan, as they are crops for many years , you should be cautious when buying seedlings, take into account some considerations and follow the following guidelines:

  • Even if you buy through a distributor it is important to always know the nursery producer
  • As we are talking about seedlings of varieties obtained by grafting or in vitro cultivation, it is important to request a varietal certificate. In our case, we follow a meticulous traceability of the plant material, and we carry out the varietal identification of grafted or micropropagated plants by in vitro culture using Molecular Markers.
  • Follow the instructions of the nurseryman when planting to avoid unnecessary losses, and to know the percentage of field survival of the plant offered by the nursery, and the possible solutions, if not the agreed percentage is reached.
  • Value the experience, references, services offered and the capacity of the nursery to offer guarantee health, varietal certification and guarantee the percentage of survival in the field, and also some advice on cultivation

Don’t risk it, it’s a long-term decision. Contact professional, registered and regulated nurseries.

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