It's time to grow up

Under the Noccis brand, we supply producers, farmers and service companies with an excellent quality pistachio, walnut and pecan plant, with varietal and sanitary certification.

Our work standard and our commitment to our clients oblige us to offer quality values, and continuous improvement and innovation.

It's time to grow up

To facilitate the realization and maintenance of farms, and to support our clients, we have expanded our products and services, covering any need, and offering the highest quality at an excellent price, thanks to the most advanced technology, and our great professionalism and experience. in the sector.



A real pleasure

The continuous work carried out by the team of NOCCIS research professionals makes it possible to create a competitive advantage over more traditional crops, thereby obtaining greater progress in the plantation and offering the highest quality in each plant. Thanks to his talent and effort, the development of innovative techniques derived from advanced biotechnological methods is possible, giving rise to the excellent genetic quality of the product.

The use of biotechnology to improve our plant production through micropropagation allows us to make an outstanding selection to achieve outstanding genetics in each of our plants.

The genetics of the different varieties of our pistachio, walnut and pecan plants meet the specific needs of each agroclimatic zone, ensuring their development and high productivity due to their vigor derived from their excellent genetic potential.

Improvement and innovation as fundamental values ​​in NOCCIS, have made possible the creation of new agronomic models that have led to advances both at the genetic and efficiency levels for the producers, improving the quality of our plant and thus achieving the trust and recognition of our clients.


Sustainability and Environment

Our greatest success

In NOCCIS a responsible use of resources is carried out, as is the case of water resources, where the irrigation doses that meet the needs of each species and states are precisely controlled, thereby favoring the water supply to the plant, the correct aeration of the root, its correct growth and all this without wasting water.

In addition, our equipment has regulators in the irrigation systems such as nozzle couplings, shut-off valves or flow regulators, which favor the proper management of the water resource.

Our facilities have the pertinent labeling regarding energy efficiency, where the reduction of energy consumption produced by the loss of energy in the different locations is taken into consideration.

In our company an ambitious policy of minimizing the use of fertilizers and pesticides is carried out, carrying out an exhaustive control and justification of use based on the data obtained from the daily controls carried out on the environmental conditions and the physiological and phytosanitary state and nutritional of plants.

Given the appearance of any pest or disease in the nursery plants, NOCCIS considers the application of biological control techniques as the first alternative to the application of phytosanitary products, thereby reducing the application of chemicals to the plant and therefore its resistance to these, applying only when strictly necessary. The use of these biological control techniques and the use of pesticides and non-chemical (natural) fertilizers are increasingly prioritized, thus allowing the harvested fruits to present a residue level always lower than the MRL (Maximum Residue Limit), reaching in many cases reach the market without the presence of any residue. All our fruits are subjected to the analysis of each Homogeneous Cultivation Unit (UHC) where an exhaustive residue control is carried out before commercial distribution.



It can not be any other way

The NOCCIS Management, through this document, establishes its Quality and Environmental Policy, accepting the following commitments:

  • Achieve the satisfaction and expectations of our clients, complying with the legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the environmental requirements that apply to us.
  • Always keep in mind the principles of continuous improvement in all our activities and consequently in our Quality and Environment system.
  • Protect the Environment and our surroundings, identifying environmental impacts to control or reduce them, through actions and measures aimed at preventing any type of contamination that may originate from operations due to our activity.

To this end, a Quality and Environmental System has been established in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 as a means to guarantee the delivery of compliant services.

To ensure its success there will be:

  • Commitment and determined impulse of the Management.
  • The active participation of each and every one of the company’s employees.
  • Involvement of our collaborators in achieving the final quality of our work. To comply with these principles, the company will periodically develop Quality objectives as a basis for evaluating the validity of the established Quality and Environment System.

customer satisfaction , staff collaboration and efficient management of our resources , are the bases to achieve the fulfillment of our objectives.

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